Maggie ReeseProfessional Shooter

Maggie Reese

Maggie Reese had plenty of interests growing up, but shooting just wasn’t one of them. Her dad, a recreational match shooter, had been asking Maggie for years to go to the range just once and give it a try. Maggie finally agreed, right around the time she was 18. “I loved it so much. I never played sports or had been athletic before, and I didn’t consider myself a competitive person,” Maggie said. “But I loved shooting. I loved competing for fun. I loved the people we met and spending time with Dad. We shot for fun, and 10 years into it, I said I wanted to do a big-time national match.” One big-time match led to the next one.

Somewhere along the line Maggie became one of the top female competitive shooters in the country. There are a wide variety of shooting sports, and Maggie has made a point to try as many as possible and not specialize in one particular discipline. “Even in sports where I’m not the best or most competitive, I enjoy being there. I’m fortunate to go out and do something I really love,” Maggie said. “If I had to pick a favorite event, maybe the USPSA Multi-Gun Nationals. You shoot three guns, the stages are fantastic, it’s a national meet. They’ve just got really good people involved.” Maggie has also seen the participation of women rise in the years since finally accepting her Dad’s invitation to go to the range. “Now at the major matches, there will be groups of ladies, and we’ll meet up and become friends. Dedicated matches just for women are filling up and selling out,” Maggie said. “It has been a change in the last two or three years. It’s been pretty cool.”

2017 Event Schedule

  • March 2 - 4 - USPSA Area 2 - Mesa, AZ
  • March 24 - 26 - Superstition (SMM3G) - Mesa, AZ
  • March 31- April 2 - USPSA Area 1 - St. George, UT
  • April 14 - 16 - USPSA MultiGun Nationals - Las Vegas, NV
  • April 27 - 30 - NRA Show - Atlanta, GA
  • May 17 - 21 - USPSA Classic Nationals - Pasa Park, IL
  • May 24 - 27 - NRA Bianchi Cup - Columbia, MO
  • June 4 - 10 - IPSC Rifle World Shoot - Moscow, Russia
  • June 22 - 25 - Safariland Expedition MultiGun - Las Vegas, NV
  • August 27 - September 3 - IPSC Handgun World Shoot - Paris, France
  • October 10 - 13 - She Never Quit (Ladies Fair) - Luttrell’s Ranch, TX
  • November 9 - 14 - Colt Media Day -  Prescott, AZ